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New Executive Director at CMTCA

The Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) is excited to announce that Christian Vulpe will be taking over the role of Executive Director. After serving as the inaugural Executive Director for the past 8 years, Kathrina Loeffler, is transitioning to a new role as Chief Program Officer, leading accreditation program special projects and participating in representation activities.

Kathrina was responsible to lead CMTCA through the development of the accreditation standards and has been instrumental in growing the accreditation program to its current success. CMTCA now supports over 70 massage therapy education programs as they proceed through the accreditation process. The CMTCA Board of Directors expresses sincere gratitude to Kathrina for her effective and committed leadership throughout CMTCA’s formative years and looks forward to continuing to work with her in her new role.

The CMTCA Board of Directors warmly welcomes new Executive Director Christian Vulpe. Christian is a professional educator and a seasoned leader, with extensive knowledge of education accreditation. He has been working with CMTCA since its inception and has served as the CMTCA General Manager since 2017. He brings in-depth knowledge of CMTCA’s accreditation process, finances, and operations to his new role.

Christian holds a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education in Educational Psychology and is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). In addition to his work with CMTCA, Christian has worked on the development of accreditation standards and processes for many other Canadian accreditation programs including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture education, and humane society and SPCA accreditation. Christian has served on the accreditation council for dietetic education.

Christian is known for his collaborative approach, and for his focus on quality improvement and consistency. He looks forward to working with CMTCA stakeholders to continue to inspire excellence in massage therapy education.

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