and Massage Therapy

Most professions in Canada, particularly in the health sector, benefit from a national accreditation process for education programs. The advantages of national accreditation are well-established and include:
  • promoting a common level of service provision nationally (benefiting patients)
  • practitioner mobility (benefiting massage therapists, regulators and the national economy)
  • the availability of objective information about program quality (benefiting students)
  • improved access to educational resources (benefiting programs)

The Planning Committees Vision

The purpose of the accreditation process is to provide a mechanism for quality assurance and continuing quality improvement of entry-level massage therapy education programs across Canada. 
Accreditation will foster a common national entry-level education standard that is based upon the entry-to-practice requirements in the regulated provinces, and in doing so will facilitate the initiation of regulation in provinces that are currently unregulated. 
Accreditation will support the advancement of massage therapy as a health care profession, thereby serving the public interest.
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