Accredited Programs

Accreditation Granted

The final, full accreditation decision is not made until the completion of a site visit where a survey team of 3 people visit the education program and conduct tracers (which are complete reviews of each and every criterion) to determine compliance with the standards and criteria. It is only through the site visit that surveyors can actually determine that the standards are met. Once that determination has been made, the program receives full accreditation. 

Preliminary Accreditation is the first step of the accreditation process. It consists of an evaluative self-assessment compiled by the school that is then submitted to the CMTCA for evaluation. In this self-assessment, schools rate their program according to the given criteria and provide evidence to support the rating. The submission is then evaluated by three independent surveyors, who give their feedback to the CMTCA. 

Preliminary Accreditation Granted

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