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Update: 2022 Accreditation Standards Review

The CMTCA recently launched a review of the accreditation standards to incorporate stakeholder input and analyze internal learnings from our experiences in accrediting massage therapy education programs over the last five years.

We would like to thank all those who applied to be a part of our Standards Review Committee and congratulate our committee of nine massage therapy educators who were accepted for the role. Your commitment to excellence in massage therapy education was clearly apparent in your applications and interviews. Your diverse perspectives and considerable experience with the CMTCA accreditation standards will be instrumental to the success of this review.

Our next steps in this process will be:

  • Focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders

  • An evaluative survey for education programs that are accredited or have been granted preliminary accreditation.

  • A review of the quantitative and qualitative data gathered over five years of accreditation reviews

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important process.

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