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Program and Surveyor Webinars

CMTCA continues to offer interactive educational webinars to both surveyors and education programs at all levels of the accreditation process. All are welcome to attend the program webinars, from programs that have yet to apply to those that have achieved full accreditation.

These webinars offer the opportunity to explore the topics with CMTCA Accreditation Specialists, and to work collaboratively with peers from other programs who are also committed to the accreditation of massage therapy education in Canada. The April 12 program webinar had 28 participants representing programs from coast to coast. If you are a program coordinator or administrator and are not currently receiving an invitation, please send an email to to request an invitation.

Recordings of past webinars are available to programs and surveyors that are actively involved in the CMTCA accreditation process. They can be accessed on CMTCA’s learning management system CMTCAu.

2023 Program Webinars

  • April 12: What to expect during a site visit (recording available)

  • May 10: Top 5 most challenging criteria of 2022 (recording available)

  • October 18: Met vs. Partially Met vs. Unmet

  • November 15: Quality Improvement (including resources)

Surveyor webinars continue to provide our surveyors with ongoing opportunities to improve upon their knowledge, share their experience, and enhance their communication and team-building skills.

2023 Surveyor Webinars

  • April 26: Met vs. Partially Met vs. Unmet (recording available)

  • May 31: See / Hear / Read

  • October 25: Comment Writing

  • November 22: Top 5 most challenging criteria

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