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CMTCA to continue to offer Virtual Site Visits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMTCA began offering virtual accreditation site visits in January 2021. Prior to doing so, CMTCA consulted extensively about feasibility and best practices with other education accreditors, as a member of the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada.To date, six virtual site visits have been conducted by CMTCA at programs in both British Columbia and Ontario.

Qualitative and quantitative feedback was gathered and analyzed from education program participants, surveyors and CMTCA staff. This feedback informed the recent decision by the Board to continue offering the option of virtual site visits to programs.

The virtual format limitations are:

  1. The accreditation decision following a virtual site visit will be limited to a three-year accreditation. Five-year accreditation will not be available following a virtual site visit.

  2. Virtual visits will be offered only for every second accreditation visit. Programs may not complete two consecutive site visits virtually.

  3. Following a non-accredited decision, the subsequent site visit must be completed in-person and may not be completed virtually.

Where can I find more information about virtual site visits?

We have created a document which should answer many of the questions around how virtual site visits differ from in-person site visits. To learn more, download our stakeholder communication about virtual site visits below, including frequently asked questions such as:

  • What are the limitations to virtual site visits?

  • What was considered in determining the fee for virtual site visits?

  • What differences should an education program expect when choosing a virtual site visit?

Download PDF • 147KB

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