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An update on the Standards Review Committee activities

CMTCA has completed the preliminary review of the CMTCA Standards and the Standards Review Committee has made recommendations for changes based on their discussions and the valuable input from stakeholders via surveys and focus groups. The next step is to submit the draft to the CMTCA board for review and approval. Following this, a 60-day duty to consult will take place.

The updated standard will be finalized and ready for distribution in January 2024, supported by a comprehensive roll out plan to support education programs and surveyors in adopting updates. Part of this plan will include a careful assessment of how much time is needed for programs to achieve compliance. Once this analysis is complete, CMTCA will share with programs the date when CMTCA survey teams will begin to assess using the updated standard. Support and resources will be provided by CMTCA Accreditation Specialists and staff throughout the roll out.

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