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A message for CMTCA massage therapy education programs

During this time of uncertainty and the need to focus on the health and safety of all Canadians, CMTCA is available to offer support and guidance related to the accreditation process and the decisions you may be facing.

We know that the response to COVID-19 has imposed significant limitations on program operations. Education programs across the country are working quickly to develop new ways to teach and test students remotely. These efforts to keep people safe while continuing to meet legislative requirements and CMTCA’s high standards as well as follow public health guidelines are commendable.

When site visits resume, surveyors will take the impact of COVID-19 and the changes you made in the interest of public safety and as directed by public health agencies into consideration. They will assess the actions you took to address these unprecedented challenges and ensure that your graduates have the necessary skills to take the regulatory exams and be ready to practice as professional, competent health care providers.

We understand that you will need to make temporary changes to how you deliver your curricula, to limit the potential for disease transmission and to follow provincial and federal guidelines related to COVID- 19. Unless those changes become long term or permanent, meaning if they remain in place after the public health restrictions are lifted, there is no need to notify CMTCA. However, if the changes do become long term or permanent, or if they affect compliance with CMTCA standards, programs that hold 1, 3 or 5 year accreditation decisions must notify us by emailing Programs that have been granted Preliminary Accreditation are not required to report temporary changes to CMTCA.

It is encouraging to see so many massage therapy education programs rising to the challenge of finding new and innovative ways to teach and test student skills. Please consider posting your successful approaches and ideas on the CMTCAu forum so others may benefit.

Finally, please continue to follow public health guidelines and stay safe during this difficult time.

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