Terms of Reference


  • Surveyors evaluate evidence on how, and to what extent, massage therapy education programs are fulfilling the CMTCA accreditation standards.  


  • Review electronic versions of evidence to determine preliminary accreditation decisions

  • Visit massage therapy education programs across Canada to observe and record evidence of how, and to what extent, such programs are fulfilling the CMTCA standards

  • Rate standards and make recommendations on findings to submit to CMTCA

  • Represent CMTCA positively to massage therapy education programs, the CMTCA Board of Directors, and the public

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently employed by a massage therapy education program that has joined or plans to join the CMTCA accreditation process

  • In-depth knowledge of massage therapy education

  • Extensive understanding of and experience with the Interjurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice

  • Extensive experience working in a leadership and/or faculty role in a massage therapy education program

  • Knowledge of regional regulations for massage therapy education programs

  • Excellent communication and critical thinking skills

Roles and Responsibilities of CMTCA Surveyors

  • Attend training and education as requested by CMTCA

  • Review and evaluate preliminary accreditation submissions

  • Conduct on-site survey visits to massage therapy education programs as requested by CMTCA

  • Submit accreditation reports to CMTCA at the end of preliminary accreditation reviews and on-site visits

  • Respond positively to evaluation feedback concerning performance at each site visit

  • Represent CMTCA professionally, adhering to code of conduct, maintaining confidentiality and disclosing potential conflicts of interest


Surveyors are required to be available to conduct at minimum one preliminary accreditation review per year and at minimum one site visit per year.  Each site visit will take approximately two or three days with longer-than-usual working hours.  It is possible that CMTCA could request surveyors to conduct further site visits to programs working to meet standards, or to survey more than one program annually.  Site visits will, in most cases, be conducted in a province in which the surveyor does not reside.  

Ongoing Education: 

CMTCA will provide e-learning education programs to surveyors to update them on accreditation changes and continually develop surveyor capacity. Surveyors will be required to participate in the education offerings on their own time and without compensation for that time.


Surveyors will be paid an honourarium. 


Conflict of Interest:

Surveyors may not hold positions on any CMTCA committees or on the CMTCA Board of Directors. Furthermore, surveyors may not be employed as staff members of the CMTCA.