Becoming a CMTCA

Accreditation Surveyor

The CMTCA Application and Selection Process

The CMTCA entrusts our surveyors with the crucial responsibility of both evaluating electronic preliminary accreditation submissions and making site visits to massage therapy education programs. In both cases, surveyors analyze information, record observations and gather evidence.  Based on this evidence, surveyors rate criteria and write recommendations that tell education programs what they need to do to meet the standards.

The work of surveyors is the cornerstone of the CMTCA.  As a surveyor, you will be the face of the CMTCA to our clients and the public, and the reputation of the CMTCA rests on your shoulders.  For this reason, becoming a surveyor is a thorough process that involves not only screening, but also successful completion of our training and orientation program. Selecting surveyors is one of the most important decisions we make.  

Although we will only contact applicants who are successful at each stage of the selection process, rest assured that your application will be given very thoughtful and respectful consideration.

The surveyor selection process includes the following steps:

1. Self-screening

Read the Terms of Reference and surveyor characteristics posted on the website.  If you

  • are able to do the job well,

  • meet our eligibility requirements, and

  • agree to our terms of reference, then proceed to Step 2.

2. Assessing Essential Qualifications  

Send us your

  • CV or resumé,

  • a cover letter demonstrating how you meet our eligibility requirements, and

  • three professional references.


Send your documents to before March 1st, 2018.  Applicants who fulfill our requirements will move forward in the process.  If your application has been approved, you will receive an email invitation to proceed to the next step in the process.


3. Telephone Screening

If your application shows potential, we will request a telephone interview to determine a little more about your inter- and intra-personal communication skills, your scope of knowledge and experience.  


4. Professional References

For those applicants who move on to the next stage, following the telephone interview, we will telephone the people you have named as professional references.  We will speak with them about their experience of your professional performance.  CMTCA will then choose a group of candidates to participate further in the screening and selection process.  The invitation to continue will come via email.


5. Orientation and Training

Surveyor Candidates that have progressed this far will be invited to attend orientation and training from April 23-27, 2018 (arriving the evening of April 22nd and working through the 27th leaving the evening of the 27th). The training will be held in Toronto. Your expenses (travel, meals and accommodation) will be covered by CMTCA. Surveyor candidates will not only learn how to fulfill the role of surveyor, but they will have the opportunity to practice in the field (at participating programs of massage therapy education) under a seasoned surveyor mentor. During the orientation and training, surveyor candidate performance will be evaluated.  


Feedback on their performance will be provided during the final day of training. The selection of CMTCA surveyors will be made following the completion of the training. The candidates’ performance during the training is an essential determinant of success.  


6. Mentored Surveying Experience

Surveyor candidates who meet the performance requirements of the training program will be assigned to on-site survey visits following the launch of the final accreditation standards. For their first two surveys, they will be matched with an experienced surveyor who will mentor their performance. Staff, peer and client evaluations of surveyor performance will be completed and submitted to CMTCA.  Results will be analyzed and provided to surveyors.


Note:  If the new surveyor’s performance is not favourable after two surveying experiences, they may be asked to discontinue their service.  


The process to become a CMTCA surveyor is rigorous but also supportive. The process assures that our surveyors are skilled and capable ambassadors who can meet the challenge.  We invite you to join us.