Surveyor Characteristics

CMTCA Accreditation Surveyor Characteristics

The Work of CMTCA Standards Surveyors

  • Surveyors are the people that CMTCA sends out to learn from, support, and evaluate the performance of massage therapy education programs against national accreditation standards.

  • CMTCA surveyors are trained in the CMTCA standards, and the process of accreditation.

  • Surveyors represent CMTCA in the field.

  • They work according to a set timeline to conduct on-site visits.

  • They rate criteria and make recommendations based on their findings to help education programs understand what they are doing right, and where they can make positive changes.

  • Surveyors submit final reports to the CMTCA for decisions on the accreditation status of massage therapy education programs.

CMTCA Surveyor Characteristics

  • Experience with massage therapy education and/or experience evaluating education systems, programs, or schools

  • Familiar with CMTCA accreditation standards

  • Experience working with the Interjurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice

  • Personal qualities such as:

    • Respect & Humility– an attitude of support for education program development

    • Integrity – the ability to be objective and honest, set feelings aside to focus on facts

    • Discretion – the ability to respect the confidentiality of all parties

    • Inquisitive and adaptable – the ability to dig deep to get answers and follow an instinct where it may lead

    • Communication skills – particularly questioning, explaining, active listening, writing, and facilitation skills

    • A professional but approachable demeanour

    • Organized – the ability to plan methodically

    • Service Oriented – focused on establishing a positive relationship and open to sharing information that will support efforts

    • Collaborative – the ability to work effectively with others on a team

  • Physically able to fulfill the responsibilities of the job including, typing comments in excel and word reports, moving from one area in an education program to another, verbally interviewing many people over the course of 2 days

  • Able to meet time commitments and constraints (including pre-survey preparation, travel time, and time needed for the site visits and surveys)

  • Agree to follow the CMTCA code of conduct

  • Participation in the CMTCA surveyor trainings (orientation and annual e-learning programs thereafter)